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Jerry Lewis presents... The Nutty Professor (1963)

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you've probably noticed that a lot of my movie discoveries have come from my mom and my sister -- my mom will recommend something or mention someone I should check out, and then I wind up watching it with my sister (which can be good or bad). The same goes for my love of Jerry Lewis. Besides always mixing him up with Jerry Lee Lewis, I never had an encounter with the guy or his work, especially since my main source of films is TCM and they don't show Lewis's movies nearly enough, maybe once every few years. Then came the magical day when my mom recorded a documentary, Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis, a wonderful piece that I would recommend to everyone. My sister and I were transfixed, laughing hysterically at every film clip we saw. The channel that was airing the documentary also held a marathon of a minor portion of Lewis's films, including the one that many consider his best: The Nutty Professor. It's not often t…

Van Johnson gives Esther Williams the... Thrill of a Romance (1945)

When Esther Williams died in 2013, I was only blithely aware of her so when TCM aired a tribute to the million dollar mermaid a few days after her death, I snatched up the opportunity to see just what Ms. Williams was all about. Thrill of a Romance was my first introduction to the wondrous world of Williams, where Technicolor astounds, musical numbers pop up like little surprises, and Esther mesmerizes with the seemingly simple feat of swimming. I fell in love with it all, and the presence of Van Johnson certainly contributed to my feelings, him being a great partner for Williams. Shall we take a dip?

Cynthia Glenn (Williams) is your average girl-next-door. She lives with her amusingly absentminded aunt and uncle (Spring Byington and Henry Travers), whom she sweetly reminds to pay the bills and look in the icebox for a pair of glasses. Working as a children's swimming instructor, Cynthia is noticed one day by businessman Bob Delbar (Carleton G. Young). Despite his flirting, Cynth…